About me

My name is Kärt Urman. I am originally from Estonia - yes, this small country with incredible knitting heritage. I learnt to knit and crochet before going to school. I grew up wearing the sweaters, socks, mittens, hats and scarves knit by my grandmother. I watched my mother crocheting lace borders to kitchen towels (yes, you read correctly). So no wonder I ended up being passionate about crafting...

My other passion is travelling. People have told me that I'm very good at organizing my trips and finding information about places to visit. The goal of the travel part of this blog is to share my experiences and maybe give some tips/ideas to my readers about nice travel destinations.

I have been living in The Netherlands in a lovely old town called Amersfoort. Dutch are known for cheese, clogs, tulips and biking. I didn't manage to incorporate first three mentioned things into my everyday life but to biking I adapted immediately after moving there.

Currently the place I call home is located in Zürich, Switzerland. It's all pretty new for me but so far I know that Swiss are as crazy about the cheese as Dutch are (that should make me feel like home :)).

When I'm not busy knitting or crocheting, you can spot me in a museum, reading a book, singing in a choir, taking photos of historic or naturally beautiful places and exploring other countries.